ôtel 3 étoiles au Croisic T. +33 (0)2 40 62 79 05 - Plage de Port Lin - 44490 Le Croisic

How to get to Le Croisic

Déplacement voiture hotel Croisic

By car

Our hotel on the Le Croisic peninsula is an hour from Nantes, 30 minutes from Saint-Nazaire, 20 minutes from La Baule and 15 minutes from Guérande.

Déplacement avion hotel Croisic

By plane

Nantes Atlantique is the closest airport, 90 km away. The airport provides access to the Le Croisic peninsula from a variety of destinations in France and around the world.

Déplacement train hotel Croisic

By train

Le Croisic TGV station is three minutes' drive from the hotel.
Paris - Le Croisic: 3h15 / Lyon - Le Croisic: 6h00 / Lille - Le Croisic: 5h00